Prone on Elbows and Pincha Prep

What do Prone on Elbows and Pincha prep have in common? 

They are strengthening for the neck and shoulder core, especially when held for prolonged holds. They strengthen the rhomboids, serratus anterior, rotator cuff and deep neck flexors.

They allow for individual alignment strategies to bring our trunk into neutral position. For instance, someone who has a kyphotic thoracic spine needs to “melt the heart” while someone with a flattened thoracic spine needs to press upward to create more of a curve. 

They emphasize a rib anchor AKA “stacking the rib cage” or “side ribs back.” This helps to keep your back in neutral as illustrated in the Trunk Core.

They are easily modified by placing your elbows on a table. This is an effective unloading strategy for your spine while sitting and can be used to simulate the position of bike riding either on or off the saddle. Lastly, a resistive band may be used for additional shoulder or neck core strengthening as directed by your physical therapist.

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