Physical Therapy Reviews


Karen Church PT, CFMT


“Karen Church is a master at what she does, and a professional who I greatly admire and respect. For over 20 years my family and I have benefited from her work with rehabilitation, in-office therapies, seminars, classes, and presentations, as well as her caring personality and fun friendship.  As a dance instructor, director and choreographer I have been able to stay working in the studio throughout many years because if I go her with an ache, she pinpoints the problem almost instantly and uses her therapies to remedy the situation and get me back to work! Her knowledge of the body, and her intelligence in staying current and continually adding to her trove of abilities is most admirable. Thank you, Karen!” -Maurine Taufer, Director for Dance at the Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts

“Karen is an exceptional physical therapist. I have seen her for two different issues now, and she has really helped me with both my back and my shoulder. I have seen other PT’s for my back without much success. Karen was able to identify the issue and give me the guidance and therapy that I needed to in order to work toward being properly aligned, which has really made a world of difference in how my back feels and the level of activity I am able to do.” Erin Gleason, Glenwood Springs, CO.

“Every active person eventually needs a healer and a guide. For me, Karen Church has been a miracle worker. I have been turning to her for the last ten years and she has helped me heal my various aches and pains. She is a highly trained Functional Manual Physical Therapist and I recommend her to anyone who is dealing with any kind of pain or injury due to an accident or the accumulated stress of working out. She is also an educator and has a very down to earth way of explaining the why and how as well as the cure for what ails me. Even if you think your situation is dire, you will be surprised at how much better you will feel after only one treatment with Karen.”Desiree Rumbaugh, Encinitas, CA.

“Karen has been my Physical Therapist for many years. I have had lower back issues most of my life due to an active lifestyle and really bad posture. Karen has been instrumental in keeping my back in tip top shape. She goes above and beyond most PT experiences, teaching you about important things like posture and even shares her passion of therapeutic yoga-if that is something that appeals to her clients. I highly recommend Karen. She’s a fantastic professional and an incredible communicator. I wouldn’t go to anyone else for my PT needs!” Sheri Gaynor, Carbondale, CO.

“I’ve been going to Karen for a few years now for a number of different ailments and I have enjoyed her professionalism, her vast knowledge of physiology and anatomy as well as her friendly hometown manner.  Karen and her therapy dog Morgan put you at ease the moment you walk in.  She always goes above and beyond in promoting your physical health.  From the way you stand, sit, walk and sleep, from the work and play you do to the shoes on your feet she gets to the root of what you might know or don’t know what ails you.  I recommend her to all who work, play and visit our valleys.” Billy Shank., Carbondale, CO.

“Karen’s skill and experience got me back to skiing and snowboarding quickly after an ACL graft in my knee. Now I go to her any time I have a sports injury. Highly recommended physical therapist! Unfortunately, I have another knee injury (April 2013) Fortunately, Karen is helping me to recover from this one, too! She quickly zeroes in on the problem area and gets to work repairing it. Whether you have a sports injury or a work injury or are recovering from surgery, Karen can help you.” Mary Bowling, Glenwood Springs, CO.