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"The Rise and Fall of Gaby's Breath" by Becket Bowes, 2003.

“The Rise and Fall of Gaby’s Breath” by Becket Bowes, 2003.  5′ X 5′ oil on canvas on display at the office of Karen Church Physical Therapy, Glenwood Springs, CO.


Visceral and Neural Manipulation: Barral Institute

Canadian Physio, Integrated Systems Model: Diane Lee

Functional Manual Therapy: Institute of Physical Art: IPA

Wisdom Warriors: Desirée Rumbaugh

Dr. Robert Svoboda, international man of Ayurveda and intrigue

Categories of Indian Thought:

Why Sleep Matters: Mathew Walker

Learn how to live longer and healthier: Peter Attia MD

Meditation: Nadi Sodhana Visulization, Pema Chodron, Tara Brack

The Polyvagal Theory: Stephen Porges

Dr Gabor Maté: Canadian MD who speaks on stress, trauma and addiction.

Explain Pain by David Butler, Neuro Orthopedic Institute

Taming Stress and Pain a Love Story by Physical Therapist Cheryl Wardlaw

Rolling: Functional Movement of Baby Rolling, Feldencrais

Crawling: Functional Movement of a Baby Crawling, Feldencrais

Vladimir Janda’s Short Foot

APTA: Where American physical therapists rub elbows when they’re not rubbing backs

CPA: More liberal, enlightened and better at healing hockey injuries than those below the 49th parallel

OPTP: The Walmart of Physical Therapy Products

Aston Wedges and supports for seating solutions

Cold Gel Packs and wound care dressing:

Cherry juice concentrate for inflammation reduction and sleep

Organic Ayurvedic herbs and massage oils:

A great place for workshops and oils: Ayurvedic Institute

More remedies and oils:

 Audio, Bella Ruth Naprostak:

More shopping for things to sweat upon:

Find Your Soul Mat

Connecting children via digital storytelling: Bridges to Understanding

Yes Magazine: A Journal of Proactive Futures