Diane Lee and Integrated Systems Model


I recently returned from a physical therapy training called “Integrated Systems Model” (ISM) with a Canadian physio, Diane Lee. Diane was assisted by 4 amazing PT’s: Cathy RogersGail WetzlerDawn Sandalcici, and Brent Yamashita. Photo Above: Our ISM group celebrating at Red Rocks with Big Head Todd & the Monsters.

Diane Lee is an exceptional teacher and orator with enjoyable pacing of lectures/labs and beautifully written textbooks. I am learning to find the drivers and my palpation skills are becoming more efficient as we practice subtle “listening” techniques. We have completed Part 2/3 of a 9 month series and it’s already empowering especially with the integration of neuro-plasticity and yoga! I’m super grateful for this opportunity and hope to share ISM with to you for your future PT needs.

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